Sunday, April 1, 2012

Race for fourth place: Monday outlook

With three games remaining in the regular season, the Nashville Predators currently sit in fifth place in the Western Conference with 98 points and a 45-26-8 record. Here is today's outlook on the race for fourth place in the Western Conference:

Western Conference Standings:
1. Vancouver- Points: 107
2. St. Louis- Points: 106
3. Los Angeles- Points- 91
4. Detroit- Points: 99
5. Nashville- Points: 98
6. Chicago- Points: 98
7. Phoenix- Points: 91
8. San Jose- Points: 90
9. Dallas- Points: 89
10. Colorado- Points: 88

Regulation plus Overtime Wins:

Nashville currently holds the tiebreaker over both Detroit and Chicago if the teams were to end up with the same amount of points. The first tiebreaker after 82 games have been played is the total number of wins in either regulation or overtime by the respective teams. In other words, shootout wins don't help in this tiebreaking scenario.

The Predators currently have 41 wins in either regulation or overtime. Detroit has 39 wins in regulation or overtime this year, while Chicago has 38 wins in either regulation or overtime. If Nashville ends up having the same point total with Detroit or Chicago(or both) at the end of the regular season, the first tiebreaker will go to the team with the most regulation and overtime wins on the year. Right now, that would be the Predators.

Remaining schedule:

Detroit: 4/4 @St. Louis, 4/5 vs. New Jersey, 4/7 vs. Chicago
Nashville: 4/3 vs. Minnesota, 4/5 vs. Dallas, 4/7 @Colorado
Chicago: 4/5 @Minnesota, 4/7 @Detroit

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