Monday, October 17, 2011

What do players do on game days?

Most of the start times for the Nashville Predators' games are in the evening. So, what do the players do all day leading up to the game? We caught up with a few of the players to find out.

Hockey Night in Nashville: What's a typical game day like for you leading up to the game?

Blum: "Get up and come to the rink. I have something to eat here like a bagel or cereal. Warm up on the bike, do some exercises and then have a morning skate. We get out of skate and shower, and then we'll have our meetings at 11:00. PK, PP and systems meeting, and then there is about six of us that go to Maggiano's to eat pregame on a home day. We eat pregame, and then I go home and probably nap for two or two and a half hours. Then I get up at around 3:45 and get to the rink at 4:30. I tape up my sticks and play soccer with the guys. We'll have another meeting at 5:30 and then go play soccer again. Then I'll usually warm up on the treadmill to get going, and then it's warm up time."

HNN: How much does your routine change when you're on the road?

Blum: "It's definitely a little different. Obviously, you don't have the equipment that's at your home arena and stuff like that. It's still the same kind of pregame. Take a nap, get to the rink, tape your sticks up, play soccer and hang out with the guys. It's pretty much the same, just a little different."

HNN: What's your favorite pregame meal?

Blum: "I don't even know if I've mixed it up since juniors. It's just pasta. I have salad to start, some pasta, and then chicken. I just drink water and stuff like that, and I don't think it's really changed much."

HNN: What's a typical game day like for you leading up to the game?

Spaling: "We come in for the morning skate. After the morning skate, we have our meetings preparing us for the game, and getting our systems and special teams ready. Then I go for a lunch with pretty much half of the guys. After that, I just go home for a nap. I nap around 2:00 and when I get up from that I pretty much get ready and come to the rink about two and a half hours early. I get prepared, tape some sticks and play some soccer until it's time to go out for warm up."

HNN: How much does your routine change when you're on the road?

Spaling: "It's pretty similar. It just changes the times a little bit. Our pregame skate is pushed back, and then we have a full-team lunch together at the hotels. I still have a nap and then still take the bus to the game about two hours early."

HNN: What is your favorite pregame meal?

Spaling: "Probably the one here at Maggiano's."

HNN: What is a typical game day like for you leading up to the game?

Klein: "I wake up, have breakfast, and come to the rink for pregame. Maybe get a couple of sticks together and go through pregame skate. Then there is about six or seven of us that head to lunch at a Maggiano's. We eat there, and then I go home and play with my son for a bit. He's two and a half. We both nap, so I nap for about an hour. Then I get up, have a snack and a coffee, and head to the rink."

HNN: How much does your routine change on the road?

Klein: "It changes big time. Meals are later, pregame skate is later, and you wake up a little later for breakfast. You're in your hotel room just kind of lounging around and watching some tube before you take an hour nap. Then we head to the rink at about the same time around 4:00."

HNN: What's your favorite pregame meal?

Klein: "I eat angel hair meat sauce and chicken parmesan."

HNN: What's a typical game day like for you leading up to the game?

Rinne: "I usually wake up around 8:00 and eat some breakfast. I come to the rink and get ready for pregame skate. Warm up and go on the ice. At home, we usually skate at 10:15. We skate for probably like 20 minutes, and then I go off the ice and stretch again. We have a couple of meetings, and then I go eat a pregame meal. After that, I usually take a little nap and try to get some rest. Then I wake up and go to the rink around 4:30. From then on, I kind of slowly get ready for the game and do all of the things I need to do. I tape my sticks, make sure my gear is ready and stuff like that."

HNN: How much does your routine change when you're on the road?

Rinne: "You kind of create your own routine, especially at home. It's always the same building and everything is the same, but on the road it's a little different. But I think for the most part it's still the same routine. You wake up, have a little breakfast and go to the rink. You do the same kind of things. The timing is maybe a little bit different, but mostly it's just the same thing."

HNN: What is your favorite pregame meal?

Rinne: "It's usually the same. It's always like chicken and pasta and a little salad."


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