Saturday, October 1, 2011

Could A-Rad's return be imminent?

If you're a Preds fan, you've most likely heard the rumors - well, the fact - that Alexander Radulov is unhappy with his situation in the KHL.

Apparently, one of the most talented players to ever come through the Nashville organization has demanded a trade from his Salavat Yulaev due to disagreements with his coach. One would assume that a trade deal could be easily worked out, however there is a possibility that his discontent could be a little bigger than simply being dissatisfied with his team.

Radulov knows he is the best player in the work not playing in the NHL. I firmly believe there was, and maybe still is, an overarching reason for his escape back to mother Russia...however, he has to come back at some point. Any professional athlete has the inherent desire to be The Best at what he or she does, and Radulov will never achieve that while playing in the KHL.

However, there is a possibility that maybe Rads doesn't have that desire. Maybe he wants the "comforts" of a socialistic country and a league that has had trouble making payroll. If that is the case, then I hope he stays where he is.

Personally, this blogger hopes he comes home--and sooner, rather than later. The Preds will have a solid team this year, but a player like Radulov, who has increased his size, speed, and ability could escalate us to the next level. He's a offensive threat; one that we've missed since his last game in the blue and gold.

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