Monday, September 19, 2011

Weber more comfortable as a leader

All-star defenseman Shea Weber is entering his second year as captain of the Nashville Predators. Last year, the Predators made it further in the playoffs than ever before, and did so under Weber's leadership.

Weber has one year of experience of being a captain of an NHL team going into this year. It's a role that should feel more comfortable to him this year.

"Obviously, it was a first for me last year, so I learned a lot," Weber said.

The level of comfortability of being the Captain is obviously going to grow as he gets more experience. There are new and different things that come with being the leader, and Weber hopes that dealing with that last year will benefit him this year.

"I haven't seen everything that I expect to see, but for the most part I saw a lot of new situations that I had to deal with. Hopefully that helps out this year and makes it an easier year."