Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Verification line may be implemented this season

This past Tuesday, the NHL Board of Governors received conditional approval for the addition of the verification line. It's very possible that it could be implemented at the beginning of this season.

The verification line is a green line that is behind the red goal line. It's designed to help determine whether or not a reviewed play is a goal. If any part of the puck is touching the verification line, then it's guaranteed to be a goal.

After looking at it, there's two potential issues that might end up being a problem. Say, for instance, that a puck is rolling while it's going into the net. There could still potentially a bit of a problem determining whether a rolling puck is a goal or not.

Also, the puck might not be visible if a goalie is sprawled out on his back. You can't see if the puck is touching the verification line if you can't see the puck.

Overall, the verification line will be very beneficial for video replay in the NHL. Hopefully, the outcome of games will no longer be affected by insufficient video replay.

(PHOTO CREDIT: Dave Sandford/NHLI,

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