Sunday, September 11, 2011

Preds Rookie Camp day 2

The rookies hit the ice for the second day of camp on Sunday at Centennial Sportsplex. For the most part, the play was a lot better on Sunday than it was Saturday. Everybody looked more comfortable being out there, and it showed. After the session, I caught up with Robert Slaney and Scott Valentine to get their thoughts on the day.

Robby: Everybody looked more comfortable out on the ice for the second day today.

Robert Slaney: "Yeah well I think if any of the new guys coming in had some nerves going into yesterday that they got them all out. It was a good pace today. It wasn't too slow and everybody was ready to go today."

Robby: You're out there with your teammates, and you'll be playing with them later this week, but you also know that you're trying to stand out to the coaching staff. Can you talk about how that process is?

Slaney: "Well the thing is, like you said, everybody's got their fight for the same job and I think that's understood between the guys. Nobody is out their trying to hurt each other. I think it's kind of whoever makes it makes it and everyone just gives it their all and shows what they can do, and what their skill set is and just let the coaches make the decision from there."

Robby: It seemed like everyone was more comfortable out there today than they were yesterday. Can you talk about that a little?

Scott Valentine: "Yeah, you know, anytime you throw a bunch of guys together for the first time it's going to take a bit of getting used to. I thought definitely today, you know there was still a lot of pace yesterday, but there's pace again today and the guys seem to be clicking more. You saw, working the power-play, that there were a lot of passes being zipped around and stuff so I think it's just kind of growing together."

Robby: Now you're out there and, of course these guys are your teammates, but you're also trying to stand out to the coaching staff.

Valentine: "Like you said, we're all teammates and we're getting ready to play together, but at the same time we want to put on a good show and make sure we show the coaches that we know how to work hard and that we're going to do whatever it takes. Whether it's practice or a game, you've got to do the little things. So that's what everyone is trying to do out there, and I think that's why it's so fast paced."

The rookies will travel to Florida on Monday to take on the rookies of the Tampa Bay Lightning. On Tuesday, they'll take on the rookies of the Florida Panthers.

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