Saturday, September 10, 2011

Preds Rookie Camp day 1

Rookies in the Nashville Predators system took to the ice for day one of the 2011 Rookie Camp on Saturday at Centennial Sportsplex. The day basically consisted of going through skating drills and working on several different situational aspects of the game. I caught up with Ryan Flynn and Ryan Ellis after practice to get their thoughts on the first day.

Robby Stanley: How did the first day go for you?

Ryan Flynn: "It went good. It was good to get back on the ice with the guys and start practicing.Good to get up tempo and what not before we head out to Florida. Overall, I'd say it was a really good day."

R.S: What's the main part of your game that you're trying to work on in camp?

R.F: "Just getting my legs moving. Getting up to speed. Getting up to the pace so that when we come into the main camp on the 16th that we're full boar and ready to go."

R.S: What part of your game do you feel is most improved from last year?

R.F: "From last year, I'd say probably my skating. That's something that I always need to work on, but overall I feel like I've got a little more step to my game. I leaned out a little bit over the summer and I think that's helped my speed a little bit. Hopefully, it'll excel and continue to improve and get better over next season."

R.S: Hey Ryan, how'd your first day on the ice go for you? How'd it feel to be out there?

Ryan Ellis: "Oh it was good. We've been on the ice with the older guys for almost a week now, but it was good to see the newer guys come in and get a sense of who you're playing with for these couple of games we've got later in the week."

R.S: What are you trying to work on in camp? What part of your game are you trying to improve the most?

R.E: "I think it's more of just trying to make an impression on the coaching staff. You're at an NHL camp for a reason. That means your game is pretty much there, so I think it's just about doing the right things out there and working hard."

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