Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Season Preview: All-Central Division Team

If you follow high school or college sports, you've probably heard of All-County or All-Conference teams. In the NHL, there is the NHL all star game that takes place in January. I thought it would be interesting to see who the top performers are in each division and formulate an entire team composed of the top players. Here is my All-Central Division team going into the 2011-2012 season.

1st Line:

Left Wing- Henrik Zetterberg(DET)
Center- Pavel Datsyuk(DET)
Right Wing- Patrick Kane(CHI)

2nd Line:

Left Wing- Patick Sharp(CHI)
Center- Jonathan Toews(CHI)
Right Wing- Rick Nash(CBJ)

3rd Line:

Left Wing- David Backes(STL)
Center- Jeff Carter(CBJ)
Right Wing- Marian Hossa(CHI)

4th Line:

Left Wing- Martin Erat(NSH)
Center- Patrik Berglund(STL)
Right Wing- R.J. Umberger(CBJ)

Defensive pairings:

1. Shea Weber(NSH) and Nick Lidstrom(DET)
2. Ryan Suter(NSH) and Duncan Keith(CHI)
3. Brent Seabrook(CHI) and James Wisniewski(CBJ)


1. Pekka Rinne(NSH)
2. Jimmy Howard(DET)


  1. Only a couple of small changes that I would make.

    1) I think you're good with the 1st 3 offensive lines, but 4th line center drop Berglund in place of Chicago's Dave Bolland. Yes I may be slightly biased since I'm a 'Hawks fan, but Bolland is one of the premier shutdown centers in the league while also having a lot more offensive skill than he's normally given credit for.

    2) Drop James Wisniewski. I'm not sure yet who to put in his place, but he doesn't belong on this list. Just because he's being paid like a top-tier defenseman doesn't mean that he is one.

    3) Hard to argue with Rinne as the #1 goalie. I'd love to slide Crawford in there as the #2 instead of Howard, but he needs to prove himself with a larger body of work first. Halak could also be considered in front of Howard, when he's on his game like he was in the 2010 playoffs for Montreal he's unreal, but he was pretty inconsistent last year so I guess in the end I have no real argument to justify replacing Howard.

  2. Gotta agree w/ the first two points that Pete says.

    /Pointless post by me.

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