Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday headlines around PredNation

Preds' fans are collectively anticipating news on Shea Weber over the next 24 hours or so. Weber's arbitration hearing is scheduled for Tuesday morning. On Sunday evening, TSN's Ryan Rishaug sent out a Tweet(that was later deleted) that read: "Briefs have been filed by both sides in preparation for weber tuesday arbitration hearing. Weber camp will elect a 1 year decision."

The Twitter world went nuts after that. There still is technically time for a deal to get done between the two sides before the hearing would take place. For now, Preds' fans are just going to have to sit back and see what happens. Here's what's going on around the Preds' blogosphere.

Monday morning headlines:

On The Forecheck: Shea Weber arbitration choice- 1 year, or 2?
Dirk Hoag gives his take on why a one year arbitration agreement would be best for both parties involved.

Smashville 24/7: Getting to know Blogger's Row: Amanda DiPaolo
Ryan Porth continues his series on giving readers background information with the people on Blogger's Row. His latest one is on Amanda DiPaolo from

The View From 111: My View
If you're in need of a good laugh, check out Mark Willoughby's view from the beach. "Anyone can swim with dolphins. Want to impress me? Hug a wild bear."

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