Monday, July 4, 2011

Method to madness

Every year it seems that David Poile does something to infuriate a good portion of Preds' fans. Standing pat on July 1st, not making a trade at the deadline, or getting rid of certain players always seems to stir up the pot in Nashville.

Poile is a professional. He's considered one of the best general mangers in the NHL because he always seems to pull the right strings and get the best out of his players. These days, Poile is receiving more criticism than he ever has before.

Fans on Twitter and Facebook are ripping into Poile at every move he makes. The trade of Matthew Lombardi and Cody Franson to Toronto for Brett Lebda and Robert Slaney has been blasted by Prednation. On paper, that is a really dumb trade if it was just a straight up trade. However, you've got to remember that there is a much better reason to make that trade. By dumping Lombardi's salary, and getting rid of Franson, money has been cleared up for Shea Weber and potentially a high-scoring forward.

There's always a reason for everything that Poile does. Does that mean that he's perfect? No. Does that mean none of his decisions should ever be questioned, and Preds' fans should blindly follow his lead? Of course not. But, there's no reason to think that he's just blowing up the team.

Next year's roster is going to look different than last year's roster. We knew that going into the off-season. Change isn't always bad. Yes, the Preds made it farther in the playoffs than they ever had before. However, there's only one stat that matters in the NHL: Stanley Cups. Last time I checked, the Preds don't have any.

While the 2010-11 version of the Nashville Predators was certainly a good team, it was not a Stanley Cup caliber team. The Preds simply didn't have enough offense to win. I think Nashville fans will find that during the next few months, the Predators are going to start looking better and better when Poile makes his move. There's no question in my mind that a move to acquire offense is coming. The money is there. The need is there.

The point of all of this? Don't hit the panic button every time David Poile makes a move. There is always a method to his madness.