Thursday, June 23, 2011

New jerseys for Preds possibly leaked; Schedule released

The Nashville Predators will be doing away with the home and away jerseys that have been worn the past few years, and will be wearing a new home and away jersey. It's been thought for months that Nashville was headed towards a gold home jersey. New photos were leaked on Thursday that show what likely could be the new jerseys for the Predators.

There have been mixed reviews throughout PredNation regarding the jerseys. Most people that have a problem with the jerseys are unhappy with the gold one. Personally, I think they look fantastic, and are certainly better than the plain 3rd jersey that looked like the Toronto Maple Leafs with an unrecognizable checkerboard in the bottom. Speaking of the 3rd jersey, it will not be used next season. It will likely be used again sometime in the future, but next season will consist of just a home and away jersey. I'm a huge fan of these jerseys if they are, in fact, the jerseys that will be used. Props to Marc Torrence of On The Forecheck for breaking the story.

In other major news, the NHL schedule came out today. The schedule for the Nashville Predators can be found here.

On November 12th, the Predators will play their 1,000th game in franchise history against the Montreal Canadiens at Bridgestone Arena.

The three Wildcard opponents in the Eastern Conference this year are Carolina, Philadelphia, and Washington. Nashville will play one game at home and one game on the road against each of these teams.

Vancouver doesn't make the trip to Nashville until February 7th of 2012. Winnipeg will play in Nashville on March 24th at a special 6:00 p.m. start time.

The Preds get the Western Canada trips over with in a hurry, so they won't have to worry about that down the stretch. I think it's a great looking schedule for the Preds.

Random Notes
Columbus acquired Jeff Carter from Philadelphia on Thursday in exchange for a first round pick on Friday and Jakub Voracek.

Los Angeles acquired Mike Richards from Philadelphia in exchange for Brayden Schenn and Wayne Simmonds.

The NHL Draft begins on Friday.

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