Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preds Still Have Work To Do

The city of Nashville has been buzzing the last few days since the Preds eliminated the Anaheim Ducks and advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs. It's certainly something to celebrate and be proud of, but now it's time to shift the focus to the next goal: winning the 2nd round.

By the end of Tuesday night, the Predators will know their opponent. Whether it ends up being the Canucks or the Red Wings, the Predators know they can play with either of them. While it's true that the regular season means nothing once they playoffs start, Nashville did have a fair amount of success against both teams.

Against Vancouver, the Preds were 2-2-0 in the regular season. Nashville went 4-1-1 against their arch-rival Detroit Red Wings. The Preds know that their work isn't done yet.

Ryan Suter said it perfectly in Monday's Tennessean: "They don't remember who wins the first round." That's the attitude that the Predators have to have. Sure, it's great that the Preds won the first round, but they have bigger goals in mind.

So, enjoy the 1st round victory Preds fans, but remember that there is still work to be done. We're playing hockey into May for the first time in franchise history. Why not try to play into June?