Monday, April 18, 2011

Crowd Must Be Ready For Game 4

The Nashville Predators have a chance to do something on Wednesday night that has eluded them since the inception of the franchise: Go up 3-1 in a series. Nashville was in this exact situation last year against Chicago, but fell short to the Blackhawks to give up home ice and allow the series to be tied at two. This year, they have a chance to find out how much they have matured since then.

With the suspension of Bobby Ryan, the Predators have the fortune of the "RPG" line being split up. It worked in Game 3, but Corey Perry was still able to rack up 2 assists on the goals by Teemu Selanne. The Nashville crowd was awesome in Game 3, and must be as good on Wednesday night.

Fans have a huge impact on the game Just ask Cody Franson. "I've never had more fun playing in front of fans like these." Sunday night, the crowd gave two of their trademark standing ovations, and lifted the Predators to victory.

The Preds, and their fans, have something to prove to the entire NHL. For too long, Nashville has been attacked and made the target of people up north. The Predators had 16 sellouts this year, and had a 94.3% attendance rating. Yet, the hate continues to pile on the Preds.

Respect has been shown a little more often this year. Keith Jones picked the Preds to go to the Stanley Cup Final. Several members of the Canadian media have picked members of the Preds for regular season accolades. But, the fact remains that Nashville still has work to do to prove itself. That starts by winning a playoff series. The Preds can put themselves in the best position they've ever been in on Wednesday night. Stand with us.