Saturday, March 12, 2011

Two wins is a streak!

Big win for the good guys tonight, as the Preds out play, out work, and out hit the Avs tonight for a 4-2 victory.
The Preds dominated play early in the first with some very strong physical play, and a few scoring chances: 4:16 into the first, "El Captiain" Shea Weber led off the scoring in front of the Sold Out Bridge when he buried the puck amidst a minor cluster in front of the net, which got the home crowd going. WIth 11:36 left, Matt Halischuk netted his second goal of the year, showing some pretty quick thinking.
However, the Preds got a little lax after that, and seemed to go back on their heels, and Ryan O'Reilly got on the board. Pekks got a tad too far out of the net, and the Preds did a piss poor job of clearing the trash. Our D-Men both stood behind Pekka instead of trying to clear the puck, and O'Reilly buried one of their several chances on the play.
The Preds 3rd goal was a thing of beauty! As we entered the zone, Wardo snapped his stick (big shocker, huh?). He immediately circled out and picked up a new twig as the Avs gained possession. Ward cut back in to the O-zone, and apparently the Avs D-Man didnt look up and fired a pass right to Ward's stick. Uncontested, 29 carried it in and rared back for a shot, which he faked. He then toe drug around the goalie and pretty much buried it from behind the goal, thanks to his 10 foot long stick. On a side note, as I question Ward's play two straight games, he immediately scored. I think I need to start talking more crap about our guys!
None-the-less, 6 minutes later, the Avs scored to bring it to 3-2. With about 20 second later, the crowd finally got what it wanted...Toots fought. This wasnt a normal Tootoo with the quick punches and the other guy falls down...Toots and Wilson went toe-to-toe, for what seemed to be over a minute. Both boys threw some haymakers, but Toots whooped some ass. It was almost like a vintage fight. It also jacked the crowd, and Jordin, up. (EDIT: YouTube Flick HERE! Jordin Tootoo vs. Ryan Wilson)
After a back and forth 3rd period, Marty Erat iced the game with 1 second left on the clock for the 4-2 win. Which, as I have been advised, Robby predicted. Way to go, kid!

Stars of the Game:
1. Joel Ward. 1G, 1A. Smart play all night. Showed some sick hands.
2. Marty Erat. 1Assist, and 1 empty netter. I kind of discount that goal, but he did have to jump over someone, which was pretty nifty.
3. Pekka Rinne. 38 shots, 2 goals allowed. He left some juicy rebounds late, but they didnt bite him.

On a side note, Hockey Night is Nashville is officially taking up the #Pekka4Hart campain. Let's Twitter Trend the heck out of this!!!

Good night, folks!

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