Friday, March 18, 2011

A Perfect Night In Smashville

There's nothing quite like a Saturday night in Smashville against the Detroit Red Wings. Each and every game is hard fought, has non-stop action, and usually ends up being a very close game. Added to that is the fact that Predators' fans despise the Detroit Red Wings.

Smashville is like a family. We all love our team, we all are passionate about them, and we all develop a bond with the players and fans everytime we're at Bridgestone Arena. Detroit is like the big bully on the playground that's messing with our family member. We don't want to have any conversation with them, we just want to walk up to them and hit them square in the teeth.

What more could our family ask for than a night like this? It's Saturday night. It's Nashville vs. Detroit. It's nearing the end of the season and the Predators are in the middle of a playoff race. The Preds have a chance to win the regular season series against Detroit with a win Saturday night. And to top it off, PredNation has a chance to chant, jeer, abuse, harass, and humiliate their rival for a few hours.

It's nights like Saturday night that make you appreciate why Smashville does what it does. We're loud and proud, we love our team, and we are dedicated to helping this team reach ultimate success. Nights like Saturday night are special. As a fan, it feels like you're the one putting on the gear and going out there when Nashville plays Detroit. Each and every second of each and every game that these two games are constant playoff style hockey.

What else needs to be said? It's Nashville vs. Detroit. It's the middle of March. Let's bring all that we have to Bridgestone Arena and beat these guys again. Because let's be honest, is there anywhere else you'd rather be?


  1. I remember the night Chelios gave a stick to a young lady sitting next to the bench who took a puck to the face. My satisfaction from beating the Red Wings comes from defeating one of the best teams in sports. BTW remember our franchise was authorized after thousands of Red Wing fans bought season tickets back in '97. Now about San Jose ...