Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Final Seventeen Games

Including tonight's game against Calgary, the Predators have 17 games remaining on the regular season schedule. The Western Conference is just as tight, if not tighter, than it's ever been before. The Preds are going to have to have a really strong performance in these last 17 games if they want to reach postseason play.

Nashville has played average hockey as of late, and that's not going to get it done. Realistically, the Preds are going to have to win at least 11 of the last 17 games if they want to get in, and that would be cutting it close. Currently, Nashville sits at 75 points. Winning 11 games would put them at 97 points, which would be almost a lock for a playoff birth any other year. It might get them in this year but it's going to be extremely close.

The best approach the Predators can take to this final stretch is the old "one game at a time" cliche. That phrase is used a lot throughout the course of the season, but never is it more relavent than it is right now. The Preds have to focus on getting two points each and every time they step on to the ice. Obviously, it's highly unlikely that the Preds are going to flick on a switch and win 17 games in a row but that's the mentality they have to have. One game at a time. One win at a time.

They look to start that final 17 game stretch run tonight against the Flames.