Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Canucks Clip Preds, 3-1

On an cold night in Smashville, the league leading Canucks ended the Preds 6 game winning streak with a 3-1 win.
In this Blogger's opinion, neither team seemed very interested in the outcome of the game, and it was fairly clear that the Preds were simply playing for a point...or at least it seemed that way. There was no jump, heart, or fire, except for a couple hits by Jordin Tootoo and a few scrums that didn't amount to anything.
The Preds led off the scoring late in the 2nd when Mike "Mr. Underwood" Fisher buried a very nice goal. It's great to see him start producing on the scoresheet, and we hope this trend continues. After that, it seems that the hometown team coasted the remainder of the game trying to ensure one point.
The Canucks converted a very nice goal early in the 3rd, caused by hard work and quick feet behind the goal, and net presence by Alex Burrows. It did not help that Ryan Suter was late getting to #14. The remainder of the period seemed to be a simple puck protection game by the Canucks, capped off with a second goal by Burrows. The game was iced with an empty netter with less than 10 seconds left.
The Preds only put two shots on the net in the 3rd. TWO. They will not win many games doing this. While the Canucks played defensively strong, it seemed that the Preds made dumb passes, many of which ended up in our own skates.
Maybe this game will look better in the morning light, but it wasn't a good effort against  team that could have been beat. Yes, there were some questionable calls, and non-calls, such as a penalty shot that Marty Erat should have been given...but I don't think the loss can be placed on that. I blame the team that only got 16 shots on net.