Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sense of Urgency

The Nashville Predators take on the Chicago Blackhawks on Thursday night at Bridgestone Arena in a series that has become heated. The Preds haven't had good efforts in their previous two games, but this game is a perfect recipe for it to start. Need motivation? Here's some.

Last year they beat you in a playoff series in which they were not the better team. I understand they went on to win the Stanley Cup, but you gave away that series. The last time these two teams met, Chicago came out and destroyed you in the 3rd period. Oh, and you're right in the middle of a playoff race with an extremely important two points hanging in the balance tonight. Need more motivation? Ok have a go at this.

There are going to be several Chicago fans inside of YOUR building tonight. The Preds fans are going to be as loud as they have been all season. Feed off of that. Play with a sense of urgency. Play with a sense of desperation. This Chicago Blackhawk team CANNOT beat you if you play Nashville Predators hockey. Play tight defense, do not take stupid penalties, shoot the puck on net, shoot the puck on net again, and then shoot the puck on net again! Keep shooting the puck for 60 minutes and you'll come out victorious.

It's crunch time. This is when everything starts to really count. This is where everybody in North America finds out what this team is made of and what kind of character this locker room has. Play Nashville Predators hockey for 60 minutes and send them back to Chicago with their heads hanging down on the plane ride home. Play with some fire.