Saturday, February 19, 2011

History of Nashville Jerseys

The Nashville Predators have had their share of jerseys in the time since the came into the league. From the original jerseys to the present day third jersey, the Preds have really been diversified in their design. So, as a fan, which jersey in the history of the franchise is your personal favorite?

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My personal favorite is the mustards. I've found that it's either a love or hate relationship with those jerseys. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. What is your favorite jersey in Predators history?


  1. My fav is the current dark jersey.

    I would absolutely love the new 3rd jersey if it wasn't so dark that much of the detail is lost on the eye. The photo above is not representative of the real jersey. In reality, the blue is so dark it looks black. The blue in the checkerboard stripe is also so dark it makes the checkerboard indistinguishable. A lighter color blue would make this a truly spectacular jersey.

    -Jim Chandler
    Woody & Jim
    107-5 The River

  2. I agree Jim. I've got the current third jersey on right now and I can barely see the checkerboard. If it looked like it does in the picture above, it would be my favorite as well.

  3. I'd probably like the mustard thirds better if it wasn't for the cartoonish logo in the front. The color never bothered me, and I think the uniform as a whole looked good on the ice. The logo just sucks though. There's no way around that.

  4. I think the original plan with the mustards was to put the skull logo on the front. I believe that was shot down by the NHL.

  5. I liked the mustards a lot. I think they would've looked really good with the skull as the main logo, but you're right the skull did get turned down and that's why it is the shoulder patch instead.

  6. I love the skull. I guess it's too barbaric for the NHL.

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