Friday, February 4, 2011

Locker Room Speech

The following is what I would say to the Preds tomorrow before the game if I was Barry Trotz: "Tonight is the most important game that we've had up until this point. You've got two choices. You can lie down and watch the Detroit Red Wings, or you can attack them with a mindset of catching them in the division. If you choose to attack, you can put yourself in a position to do some special things in the playoffs. You've got a packed house tonight full of fans who are behind you 100%. Who's to say you can't catch them? I know we've had injuries all year but we've battled through them and it's made us a stronger team. It all starts tonight. We've got four games left against these guys. That's four opportunities to catch the Wings. Get out there and play Nashville Predators hockey. Respect them, but don't make the mistake of giving them too much respect. This is our ice. This is our building. This is our city. Go out there and shove it down their throat."

Let's bring the noise tonight Nashville.

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