Monday, February 21, 2011

The Importance of Two Goaltenders

One of the biggest strengths the Predators have is their goaltending. Pekka Rinne and Anders Lindback have been excellent for the majority of this season so far. Being the tallest goaltending tandem in NHL history is proving to be a success for the two European goaltenders. Lindback has stepped in when called upon, and has done a better job than anybody could have possibly expected going into the season. I think he needs to see a little more action.

Pekka Rinne has been phenomenal for the Preds this year, especially recently. He's creeping his way up into Vezina Trophy consideration. But is he being played too much?

The Preds are right in the middle of the playoff race in the Western Conference. Rinne is obviously going to be key in where the Preds are going this year, but the Preds run the risk of him being gassed at the end of the regular season if they continue to play him at this pace. A perfect example of that is Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings last year. The Kings rode on his back all throughout the regular season and he had nothing left in the playoffs.

Rinne is a very good athlete. He's quick, he's mobile, and he's in great shape. Perhaps he can handle the constant playing time that he's being given. But what happens if, God forbid, he gets injured? Then, the Preds have to turn to Lindback, who has seen very limited action in the last couple of months. It's good to have two good goalies, but you need to have both goalies in a rhythm. I'm not saying the two need to be alternated every game, but I do think Lindback needs to see some playing time soon.

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