Thursday, February 10, 2011


Now that the much expected trade for Mr. Underwood...I mean Mike Fisher...has been completed, I feel that we need to think about realistic expectations for his production over the next 27+ games.

At his current pace, he is statistically expected to get 12 points (7g, 5a) at .43ish points per game. However, he will be playing a much higher offensive role, with higher expectations for the Preds. IMO, 12 points will not be enough. To be a success, I feel we need Fisher to up that production to the .6-.75 ppg range (16 to 20 points) over the rest of the regular season.

The next question is who should he be paired with? Do you plug him on the Sully/Willy line? Do you break up the chemistry that Erat/Goc/SK74 have built up?

What do you all think?