Monday, January 3, 2011

Preds Swat Jackets 4-1

Edit: looks like we have a double recap today!

Last night’s game was one of those “Must Haves”, as the good guys will be away from the friendly confines of the Bridge for the majority of the month…and our boys pulled out a solid win.

First Period

The game started out with a very lax effort by the Preds, resulting in a quick goal from the blueline. I don’t blame Peks on this one, as he never saw the puck since we didn’t clear the lane. After that, the remainder of the period was pretty ho-hum, except some decent hits by Belak (who played a pretty decent game last night).

Second Period

Two words: Preds hockey. The Preds dominated the second frame, tallying 3 goals by Weber, Spaling, and Horny on very solid play. Oddly, two of those goals were scored while the shooter was on their rear. Weber’s goal was scored due to very creative puck movement on the PP. He and Suter’s knowledge of what they want to do with the puck is a pretty cool thing to watch when it clicks. Unlike the first of the year when we tried to set Webs up at the center of the point everytime, the D is moving around creating lanes for good shots. The other two goals were created by working hard for lose pucks on second attempts.

Third Period

For once, the Preds didn’t let up with a 2 goal lead, and kept the pedal to the ground. We were buzzing all period, and could have scored a number of goals,

But Mason bounced back from a weak second period. SK74 pulled through and knocked home a Wilson shot that came off of the crossbar on a weird bounce. Belak closed the period with two good checked, one of which sparked a near line brawl as time expired. He wanted to go, but Jared Boll didn’t. Belak then tried taking on the BJ’s entire bench. Pretty funny stuff!

Stars of the game

1st Star: The Beast, Shea Weber – 1 Goal, 2 Assists in 24:31 of ice time.

2nd Star: Patrick Hornquist – 1 Goal, 1 Assist in 16:16 of ice time.

3rd Star: a) Pekka Rinne – Did not allow a goal that he saw all night

              b) Colin Wilson – 2 Assists in 16:23 of ice time. Was very close to scoring on his crossbar shot that freakishly did not go in.


I’m a firm believer that the Hockey Gods hate us, as we cannot keep our top line players healthy. As we all are probably aware, O’Reilly went down with a broken leg on a freak play that looked harmless as could be. To me, it seemed that he got twisted up and lost his balance…which apparently resulted in a broken fibula. Who breaks their leg when they fall down? He looked pretty pitiful crawling across the ice, which was probably 100% instinct.

If you think about it, we’re without Sully, Erat, Lombardi, O’Reilly, and Tootoo…that’s a nearly 2 full lines of out top producing players. I’d love to see the Wings win games without Zeddy, Dats, Franson, Holmer, and Filpula. I venture to say they wouldn’t.

We hope everyone had a Happy, and safe, New Year!

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