Monday, January 31, 2011

Dub's Monday Quick Hits

Just a couple things:

Just saw on the news wire that Jordin Tootoo has been cleared to return to practice, which should begin the ending part of his rehab. I honestly hope he can keep his nose clean and the pedal to the medal. He's still a kid, and he's got a huge upside to his game. Given the right atmosphere, he could be a 20 goal scorer, ala Scotty Walker. Glad to see him battling his demons head-on.

New Tampa Bay Lightning Identity and Jersey set
One word: LAME!!!! Anyone could have designed his new, oversimplified logo in MS Paint...but I guarantee that they spent Lord knows how much on it.
Posted Image
The jerseys look like The Leafs and Wings did the Funky Watoosie and had a child. Come on, Stevie Y...I know you're a Red Wing at heart, but this is pitiful. This is not a traditional team...they're called the LIGHTNING for God's sakes...they need to be exciting.
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Go Preds!


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