Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bring the Noise

I happened to be walking downtown last night around 10:00 and I was appalled at what I saw. Yes, there was a man who was belligerently intoxicated and talking about how he was wearing the same pair of underwear for the third day in a row, but I'm not referring to that at the moment. I am, however, referring to the Blackhawk fans that were roaming around the downtown Nashville area.

I really hate the Chicago Blackhawks. What Pred fan wouldn't? They put us out of the playoffs last year when they were not the better team. To their credit, they went on to win the Stanley Cup. I don't like their players. I don't know how Hossa wasn't suspended for his hit in Game 5, which caused me to hate the Blackhawks even more. And, I think it's pretty fair to say that the players on the Predators roster aren't too fond of the Blackhawks either. But I think the Hawks have now reached a category that only one other team has reached with me. The Hawks have now joined the Detroit Red Wings in having the most annoying fans in the NHL.

Last time the Hawks were in Nashville on November 13th, I had the misfortune of having an entire row of them behind me, all of which were belligerently drunk(seems to be a common theme). Most of the Hawks fans seem to be just down right obnoxious. I don't know if it's the annoying accent, the general lack of respect for people, or just the overwhelming lack of intelligence that exudes itself from their mouths. What I do know is that it makes me want to beat them even more.

If the game on the 13th of November at Bridgestone Arena was any indication, there are going to be quite a few Chicago fans at the game tonight. As Preds fans, we really need to step up our game for tonight. Think about it. We hear the players talk about the loss to Chicago in the playoffs all the time and how it motivates them. It puts a chip on their shoulder. As fans, we can't go on the ice and control the outcome of the game. But we can do our part.

We can vent our frustration with the Hawks by bringing the noise for tonight's game. We can get loud and give the Preds some jump. When our building is electric, it is one of the loudest buildings in the NHL. More important than that, it provides the team with a boost of energy. If we're fired up and ready to go, they will be too(theoretically). We have a home-and-home stretch with the Hawks this weekend. One game tonight. One game Sunday. Let's do our best as fans to give the boys as much energy as we can and be as loud as we possibly can. The juice that we can give the Preds tonight can very easily carry over to tomorrow's game in Chicago and beyond. They know that we're behind them. Let's not be overrun by Blackhawks fans. Bring the noise early and often and keep it going. No 2nd period lulls. Keep it coming.

Additionally, this is the last home game until February 1st. So we might as well give it our best effort now. We'll have almost 3 weeks to rest the pipes.