Sunday, December 5, 2010

What does Erat's breakout game mean?

Martin Erat is, without doubt, the most inconsistent player I've ever seen. One night you're complaining and asking why he is even on your team and the next night he goes out there and has three assists. Every year there is always a few games where Martin Erat seems like he is an extremely good player. As soon as you get to thinking that, he goes and does something stupid(game 5. It still bothers me and it probably will until we win a playoff series).

So what does Saturday night's three point outburst from Martin Erat against Carolina mean? If history is a guide, it means absolutely nothing. On the contrary, it means that he's going to do something incredibly stupid here coming up. But can he reverse the trend?

Erat has the skill set to be a 60-65 point guy every year. The problem is, he doesn't use his head. Maybe this is the point in which he starts to mature. We're all used to seeing him having the puck and doing his trademark spin-o-rama. When in doubt, he spins. The thing about that is that he has the strength and the puck handling skills to almost impose his will down near the net. The problem is, he rarely does it. When he does, you see the results.

Do I think he'll get things going offensively and go on a tear? No I don't. I will believe it when I see it. But I really am just issuing a challenge to him. If he plays to his strengths and uses his head, he can really be a fine player. It's just time that he does it regularly.

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