Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wade Belak's Value

We all know that Wade Belak rarely plays in an actual game for the Preds. When he actually does see game action, he's known for anything but his offensive capability. He's a big, tough guy who plays his role as an enforcer when called upon. So, what's his role with the Preds when he's not playing?

Belak is a really funny guy. He has a segment called "Wade's World" from time to time on FS-Tennessee, and it never ceases to make me laugh. So how can a guy like Wade Belak have an important role in the Predators organization? His personality is very important in the locker room. He is a locker room favorite and provides the guys with a cool, laid back personality that can relieve tensions when the team may be struggling.

Many people questioned David Poile on why in the world he re-signed Belak. I was one of them. And, as a player, Belak probably should not have been brought back. But, I do think he has more value around the organization than is known by the fans. And let's be honest. How can you not love the guy?