Thursday, December 16, 2010

Preds Sink Sharks 3-2

   The hometown Nashville Predators clearly stole a win last night from a very solid SJ Sharks team 3-2 last night @the Bridge. Frankly, until the last half of the third period, last night’s tilt was a very boring affair. No hitting, no grinding, and frankly no heart shown by the Preds. However, that all changed on SK74’s goal with 3+ minutes left. Weber brought the puck in on the right side, and he did numerous times last night, and found a wide open SK74 who buried it in the back of the net. That one play got the crowd alive, and got the momentum moving back on the Preds side. 44 seconds later, Sullivan brought the puck in on the Left wing and gave a BEAUTIFUL one-time pass to Wilson for the game winner. Accordingly, the building went nuts.

  • The Preds had 10 shots in the first 9 minutes of the game; however, most were unscreened and east for Niemi to track down. After that barrage, the Preds slowed down their shots, and stopped skating.
  • Play of the night: J-P Dumont's clean takedown of a SJ Shark on a breakaway. There was more hustle on that play by Dumont than I've seen as year put together by it was smart. He reached out and got the puck, while sliding, then took the skater's legs out. Hard to describe, but it was an amazing play.
  • It seemed like our forwards couldn't find each other last night, but that has to be attributed to the fact that Horny was out and lines were juggled.
After giving up an early goal, which appeared to be an unscreened shot from the blueline (just as I was praising his play), the kid stood on his head. He made two save in the waning moments of the game that were two of the best saves I’ve ever seen! Mind you, he looked like a fish out of water, but it worked!

Stars of the game:
1a) SK74. This kid is coming into his own, and is about to become a scoring machine. Guaranteed.
1b) Lindback. He’s played 8 or 9 straight games, and doesn’t look one bit fatigued. You’ve got to keep riding him while he’s hot.
3) Toots. Once again, he skated hard, forechecked wisely, and put the puck on net. We’re seeing the best hockey he’s ever played right now—and not surprisingly, it’s in his contract year. Hmmmmmmmmm….

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