Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Could a former Pred help the scoring problem?

Recently, the Predators have had a serious drought in the scoring department. They're not getting very good offensive production out of anybody in the last few weeks. Because of this, there is always discussion and speculation about who the Predators could sign to help with this problem.

I've heard of some pretty far-fetched ideas when it comes to this problem. I think mine might just take the cake though. Is it possible that Paul Kariya could help this team, if in fact he is healthy?

Kariya is an unrestricted free agent that has chosen to sit out the 2010-11 season due to post-concussion syndrome. Nothing has really been said about him since he made that announcement in July. It's now almost January. Is it possible that he has recovered and is no longer showing symptoms? I don't know the answer to that question. Even if he is healthy, I don't know if he would be willing to chance coming back and risking another concussion.

Let's say that he is healthy though, and that he would seriously consider coming to play this season if offered. Do you think he could help this team with its scoring problem. Kariya has great hands and great skill with the puck, but he's not the same player now that he was when he left Nashville. While he was here, Kariya was an 80 point guy. Right now, he would probably be a 30 to 40 point guy if given the chance to play an entire season. But, the talent is still there. Do you think it would be a good idea to sign him if he's healthy?

Now, again, I have no clue if he's any healthier today than he was in July. I don't know if he wants to play hockey again in his life. I don't know if he secretly would like to play this season or not. I just think this is very interesting food for thought.

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