Saturday, December 18, 2010

Controversy Brewing in Nashville?

Pekka Rinne is said to be coming back very soon, possibly for tonight's game against the Los Angeles Kings. If that is the case, he will obviously be the starter. However, is Pekka Rinne's position of starting goaltender up for a little debate? After all, Anders Lindback is quickly becoming a candidate for the Calder Trophy.

Let me first start off by giving you my point of view on the matter. I think, at least for now, that Pekka Rinne should be the starting goaltender here in Music City and I have a few reasons for that. Firstly, Trotz has always stated in the past that nobody will lose their job due to an injury. He's been pretty good about holding true to that in the past, and I don't really expect him to change that now. However, should Pekka begin to struggle, I think Trotz will have a pretty short leash.

Another reason is that it's not like Pekka wasn't playing well when he was injured. He was standing on his head and playing very solid hockey until the time of his injury. The offensive support at that time wasn't very good at all, and some of that made it's mark on Rinne's win and loss record. Since Lindback has taken over in light of Rinne's injury, the offensive support has been better.

Now, I'm not trying to deminish what Lindback has done so far this season. Truthfully speaking, the kid has been unreal and it's been a pleasure to watch him. He doesn't seem to have a care while he's playing, and really is a joyful person off of the ice as well. However, this is Pekka's job to lose. Lindback is 9-1-2 this season, which really is fantastic for someone who we knew very little about coming into this season.

The bottom line is that Pekka Rinne is going to be the starting goaltender when he comes back. I don't think he's going to be getting the overwhelming amount of games in a row he was getting before he was injured. I think Trotz is now fully comfortable with both Pekka Rinne and Anders Lindback. I'm pretty sure there was a little skepticism about Lindback until this recent string of games he has put together. Personally, all my skepticism about the young Swede has evaporated.

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  1. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. You've got a white-hot goaltender who shows no signs of slowing down. The team is playing really well in front of him. Why mess up a really good thing? Trotz should not put considerations of Rinne or any other individual player above those of the team. Wait until he has a bad game before making a change.

  2. I somewhat agree with you. However, Pekka was playing just as good as lindback is. He just had awful offensive support. And Suter wasn't playing for a lot of the time and that's made a huge difference.