Friday, December 3, 2010

Bringing Hockey to the Inner City

This blog is going to be a little change from what we normally do at HockeyNight in Nashville…but I feel it’s all still inter connected.

I have recently been given the opportunity to help get a program up and running to help teach kids from the James Cayce Homes about hockey. Last night was sort of the kick off to the program, which takes place at the Kirkpatrick Community Center, and I was amazed by the response we got. These kids, who quite possibly have never picked up a hockey stick before, were excited! We started with the basics; how to properly hold a stick, shoot a puck, and make a pass. After an hour and a half, these kids looked like pros…they were taking one timers, deking around me, and stealing the puck (honestly, some of them had better shots than my Lower C team—sorry guys!). Also, after an hour and a half of running around, I was exhausted and they were still running around like crazy!

Ultimately, we hope to have enough interest to field a couple of teams and get some mini-games going. I really hope that is able to happen, because hockey is an awesome sport. It’s all about the TEAM, and the lessons one can learn far outreach what transpires on the court or sheet of ice. A lot of the kids we’re dealing with have already been short-changed in life. A lot of them only know thug life. But having an outlet to get out and have fun can only be a good thing…and I am truly blessed to be able to be a part of this program.

If you’re interested in helping out, the program is taking place on Thursday afternoon, from 4:30-6 pm at the Kirkpatrick Community Center @ 620 South 9th Street, Nashville, 37206—which is right off of Shelby Ave. Feel free to send me an email at for more information. You dont necessarily have to know how to play the'd be great to just have people come hang out with the kids. I guarantee that you will be blessed, I know I was.



  1. What a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon! Congrats on a promising program. I hope Jeff Cogen is aware of what's going on here. He might part with a few tickets so that the kids can see the way the big guys play the game.

  2. Nice job outta you, Phillip (and I really like the fact that you spell it with 2 'L's' 'cuz it's classier like that). Great work you and Robby are doing with the blog and your involvement with this program. Keep it up!

  3. Good Stuff! Contact Jeff Cogen for some free tix for participants and their families. this is right up his alley.