Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reasons For Change

In response to my post a few days ago, I was asked to give a detailed summary on why I think it is time for Barry Trotz to be fired. Here are really the main reasons why Phillip and I feel it's time to make a change:

Barry Trotz has been the only head coach this franchise has ever known. He's been here since day 1 in 1998. In that time, the Predators have been to the post-season 5 times. They are 0 for 5 in the first round under Barry Trotz. Not once have we won the Central Division in our existence(I understand it's an incredibly difficult division to win). Basically, we've had absolutely zero success in the post-season. We've really only had 2 years where we were in the hunt for the division and we had a guy named Paul Kariya on that team(not to mention Peter Forsberg in one of the two years). The style of play is different in the post-season than it is in the regular season. Everything is faster. Trotz simply hasn't made the necessary adjustments to be successful in the post-season yet.

Everybody remembers the horror of our power-play in the first round against Chicago last year. Peter Horacheck was removed of his power-play duties and Barry Trotz took over. The Power-play is now worse than it was last year. Nashville is currently converting on the power-play at 11.1%, good for 27th in the league. That total would be worse if not for the 2 power-play goals in Minnesota when the game was already out of hand. There isn't any creativity on the power-play. It's really a very predictable and simple system to figure out. The goal seems to be to get the puck to Shea Weber and let him just rip the puck over and over again. That's really not a bad idea, but all of the other teams know what we're going to do so they take Weber's shot away. There is no flow. There really is no aggressiveness, which brings me to another point.

Many of you have been complaining about the attitude of this team, saying things like "they're not showing any heart,fire, or intensity. They don't stick up for one another. They're incredibly passive." I happen to agree with you all. Attitude is a direct result of leadership. Trotz is a conservative(not talking about politics here), calm guy. The team reflects that same passivity. There seems to be no fire and no excitement. Of course, there are great strengths to being calm. He never over-reacts to anything and he always keeps his cool. Sometimes, however, there is a need to lose your cool. There's a need to get fired up about something. If I had to speculate, I think some players would really appreciate it if Barry Trotz occasionally was not a calm person. I think they'd appreciate it if he showed some sort of emotion or intensity. However, that's just not the kind of coach he is. I think it's rubbing off on the team. They're playing passively, and aren't showing very much emotion or determination at all.

I'm going to throw out some numbers for you:

-Nashville has a .375 winning percentage when leading after the first period this year. That's the worst in the NHL.

-Nashville has a .625 winning percentage when leading after two periods this year, which is good for 29th in the NHL(Only Edmonton is worse).

-Nashville currently sits at 13th in the Western Conference with 23 points. The Preds are 6-7-2 vs. Western Conference opponents. That's not going to get it done.

The Preds cannot keep a lead. They get extremely conservative in their play, which goes directly back to the coaching staff. It's really just that time make a change. The Preds aren't playing up to their capability this year and the responsibility for that has to fall on someone. I think that someone is Barry Trotz. Once again, I think he is a phenomenal person to be around, and a very good man. But, his style of play isn't working here. I'm not an advocate of change just to change. I think there needs to be a reason behind the change. The way I see it, I think there is more than enough reason to make the change and, quite honestly, the change would've already been made in many other places.


  1. Why not replace the assistant and associate coaches first? It would bring in new ideas, take the pp from Trotz and possibly improve it, and avoid the complete chaos that follows a mid-season head coach change.

  2. I think there's going to be chaos any way you slice it. Somebody has to be held accountable for how the team is performing. I personally think it's time to make the change. Now, that doesn't mean they're going to.

  3. I agree with everything you said. Trotz and the rest of the coaching staff will not be fired as long as they are under contract. The Predators will not want to pay them not to coach, just as they don't want to pay their highest salaried players to be healthy scratches even though their lack of production screams for them to sit.

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