Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Preds Fall to Coyotes;Remain Incapable of Playing A Complete Game

I am absolutely disturbed at the outcome of this game. The Predators fell to the Coyotes by a score of 4-3. Every now and then throughout the year, the boys need a good ole fashion ripping. Don't worry they're about to get one from me.

Pekka Rinne was terrible. He let in at least 3 goals that were weak. Just simply weak. There's no reason that goals 2 through 4 should ever go in the net. And, I'm still not sure about goal number 1. On Ed Jovanovski's second goal, he shot it from the corner and it went right by Pekka Rinne. I have no idea where Pekka's head was tonight(Besides up where the sun doesn't shine)but he needs to find it or he'll have a hat on his head talking to Pete and Terry during the 3rd period.

You've got to give it to the guy. He played extremely well and got his first NHL hat-trick. Rinne made him look like Alexander Ovechkin. He was the game's number one star.

In all honesty, the defense corp really wasn't that bad. Weber, Bouillon, Franson, and Klein all played pretty well tonight. Sulzer and O'Brien did not play good. Sulzer was, and has been, really bad since he started playing. O'Brien looked horrifically slow tonight in the game. I think the Preds ought to seriously consider scratching Sulzer and bringing someone like Laakso or Blum up here. In all honesty, they could not do any worse. This team misses Ryan Suter more and more with each passing game.

In 6 games, Spaling has 1 assist and in the last two games has taken two stupid penalties. Why is he up here?

Kostitsyn played a very good game tonight. He worked extremely hard to get his goal on the long pass from Tootoo(who had 2 assists in the game). I was impressed by Kostitsyn, Tootoo, and Wilson's play tonight.

Shoot. The. Hockey. Puck. It's not a hard concept. The Preds had 31 shots on goal tonight, which isn't a bad number. They also passed up about 31 more shots. They're going back to the old days trying to make the one extra pass. Cal O'Reilly is the absolute worst at it. It's almost like he's told himself that he's not going to shoot under any circumstance. He tries to make the cute pass and sometimes it backfires. Granted, O'Reilly is a gifted playmaker and certainly made some excellent passes. I counted 8 shots that he could've taken that he did not, however.

When you do shoot the puck, you hav GOT to hit the net. Late in the third, both O'Reilly and Hornqvist had a clear shot to the net, and probably the two best scoring chances in the game, and both of them shot it over the net. Shea Weber has been consistently missing the net this season(Granted a lot have been deflected wide). Putting the puck on net is never a bad play. Never.

The Preds have now lost three games in a row in regulation, all of which came against Western Conference foes. The Preds are now 5-3-3 on the season, meaning that they have lost more games than they have won. I know Nashville has had a plethora of injuries to start the season. Really, I get that. However, there is still no excuse to be playing the way they are right now, and especially no excuse to not play a full 60 minutes of hockey. The Preds have played 4 games this year in which I feel they've played a full game of hockey. That means they've played 7 that they have not. That's an issue of pride, fatigue, and leadership. Now's the time to play a full 60 minutes of hockey. If they do that, they will win. It's not hard.

Other notes:

Marcel Goc returned and played a pretty solid game. He had to leave the game temporarily when a puck went off of his ankle, but he returned.

Jordin Tootoo returned to the lineup and got two assists. Pretty solid night from number 22.

Pekka played pretty bad tonight. You have to figure that is going to be a rarity. I expect him to bounce back, but will the offense bounce back with him?

The Power-play looked decent tonight. Not great. Not good. But decent. The Penalty kill still looks dreadful.

The Preds play on Saturday night at Los Angeles as they take on the Kings in the Staples Center. Puck drop is 9:00 P.M. central time.

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