Thursday, November 25, 2010

Preds fall to the Bloosers 2-1

Last night's game is another tale of "The One that Got Away". The Predators just ran into a hot goalie, plain and simple. Anytime that you outshoot the opposition 2-to-1, you really should come away with the win...but not last night.
I hate to blame a loss on something that happened early on in the game, but you simply cannot give away a goal 9 seconds in and hope to keep any semblance of momentum. As the puck entered the zone and came across the ice to the slot, Klein should have been playing the body on McDonald, but instead, he reached with his stick and McDonald roofed it over Pekka (sounds familiar, eh). IMO, it was a very weak goal that could have been prevented with stronger D coverage, and it really seemed to put the Preds on their heels.
Near the end of the first, the Preds started to play their game a little, and got a little bit of jump with some good scoring chances.
The second and third period belonged to the Preds. We skated, crashed the net, and played strong defensive hockey. Smithson's goal int he second was created by good old fashioned crashing the net. We actually had two guys in good position to bury the rebound, which was a welcomed change.
Honestly, the score should have been 3-1 after the second, but Halak stood on his head. We also had multiple opportunities in the 3rd to cash in, but couldn't get it behind the netminder. One of the best flurries in the game was at the end of the 3rd...but we couldn't put it in (that's what she said).
OT was fairly boring, and we, again, couldn't bury it in the shootout. The scouting report must have been a weak glove on Halak, because that's where everyone tried to beat him...apparently, that report was WRONG.

Quick Hits
Goat of the game: Once again, our good friend Kevin Klein. a) he sucks b) he attempted several open ice hits in the neutral zone that completely pulled himself out of the play with little coverage behind him. and yes, he missed those hits. c) he has NO hands. at all. My Lower C hockey team (GO MUTINY) can catch a pass better than he can.
PowerPlay: Totally anemic. No excitement. VERY predictable.
Penalty Kill: Bright spot of the game. They played smart all night and kept the Blues to the outside and low scoring areas.
Weber: Can't hit the broadside of a barn with his slap shot. He literally missed the net by 15-20 feet on one good opportunity. I think he's simply trying to do too much and gripping the stick too tight. But...he's still a Beast!
Lack of Scoring: I know that the Predators pride themselves on being a defensively oriented hockey team, and that scoring 4 goals a game isn't a priority...but we have no scoring threat whatsoever. If the organization plans on being a force int he League this year, this is going to have to be addressed.

At least we were able to get a point last night against a division foe...but we gave away 2. That might haunt us at the end of the year.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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