Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hornqvist vs. Holmstrom

If you're a Preds fan, you know who Patric Hornqvist is. You also probably know who Tomas Holmstrom is of the Detroit Red Wings. Both players make their living in front of the net in "the office." Which one would you rather have on your team?

So far this season, their stats are identical. Both have played 15 games, both have 5 goals, and both have 3 assists. Holmstrom is 37 years old, while Hornqvist is only 23 years old. While both make their living in front of the net, there have different qualities that make them special.

Tomas Holmstrom is listed at 6'0" tall and 198 pounds. Once he gets in front of the net, he's a very hard man to move. He's a very physical player and is an invaluable asset on the power-play.

Patric Hornqvist is listed at 5'11" tall and is 188 pounds. He's also a valuable asset in front of the net and on the power-play but he's not known for his physicality. He's very good along the boards and has a great shot, along with great skills with the puck. He broke Peter Forsberg's scoring record over in Sweden.

So who would you take? Personally, I'd probably take Hornqvist simply because he's only 23 while Holmstrom is 37. However, I'd love to have either one of them. There similar players, and yet they're very different.

There is one thing I know for sure, however, and that is that goalies all across the NHL don't like either of them.


  1. Hornqvist is one tough competitor. Preds winning? He'll go to the net harder. Preds losing? He'll go to the net harder, and whack a few people for good measure. I've seldom, if ever, seen him give up or sit back.

  2. You're exactly right. He's an extremely valuable player for this team. Many people were worried about whether or not he'd perform well this year after being given a new contract and I think that question has been answered. He puts himself in front of the net, and when you do that you're going to get a lot of goals. Something that often isn't noticed about his game is how many goals he causes and doesn't get points for. For instance, Cody Franson's goal the other night against Chicago that tied the game was due to Hornqvist screening Turco. It's the little things that Hornqvist does that makes him valuable offensively.

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