Sunday, October 17, 2010

Preds vs. cRaps - Dub's Notes

I'll keep this one short and simple.

Hustler award: RW-Jordin Tootoo. Toots didnt take a shift off last night, and he played one of the best positionally sound games in his career last night. For once, he made smart passes, smart ON TARGET shots, and didnt take himself out of the play with any stupid checks. Honorable mention: G-Anders Lindback.

Letdown: The entire team, sans Toots. If you watched the game, no explanation is needed. And the "3 games in 4 days" excuse doesnt work for me. Sorry, these guys are professionals. They started playing "Jeff Fisher" hockey; i.e., they went into conservative mode, and stopped being creative or agressive.

I will say that we hit at least 4 solid posts last one, with one hellacious blast that hit the crossbar by El Capitain.

Notes: I was very impressed by how we gameplanned Ovie. You could tell he was frustrated all night. We gave them too many opportunities on stupid penalties.
Suter's trip: I wasnt too upset by the call. Should it have been called? Probably not, as Suter hit the puck first...but he DID take Ovie's legs out. Suter got beat and scrambled. Plain and simple.

While this is our first loss of the year, it wont be our last. The positives are that we gained a point. We also didn't give any points to a team in the West. It happens...we just have to hope that the boys learn from it.

Now, let's go get the Flamers!

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