Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preds Lose in OT again; Martin Erat's Stupid Mistake

The Nashville Predators are seemingly incapable of winning a game when it goes into overtime. They fall in OT once again to the Pittsburgh Penguins by a score of 4-3. Sidney Crosby had two goals in the game while Evgeni Malkin had one goal. Kris Letang got the game-winning goal in OT. Crosby also had an assist on the game-winner by Letang. This moves the Preds to 3-0-3. Here are some points from tonight's game:

I was impressed with Kevin Klein's play tonight. He stood up for Jordin Tootoo after he had been boarded by Malkin. Klein dropped the gloves and really showed some grit.

It's always something with him. In the third period, the Preds were in possession of the puck on a delayed penalty against the Penguins. Erat just took off and checked a Penguin that was nowhere near the puck. Erat got a penalty and Crosby scored on the 4 on 4 play. I'm beginning to wonder if he is even worth putting in the line-up. He is probably the dumbest player in the NHL by a wide, wide margin. Also, he gets the puck and has another wide open net and doesn't lift the puck. Just like the shot against Kiprusoff the other night, Erat keeps the puck on the ice and doesn't lift it and doesn't get a goal. Erat needs to figure out what he's doing out there or the staff needs to limit his ice time.

Leggy playd very well tonight. He got the goal 53 seconds into the game and played solid defense all night.

Despite another bonehead play by Martin Erat, the Preds still came within inches of victory. Dumont let a shot go that popped off the shoulder of Fleury and came within inches of crossing the goal line in overtime.

I don't know what it is about this team, but they don't seem to have any luck or intestinal fortitude in overtime. They get lax defensively, don't seem to want to push the puck on offense, and the Pekka was simply out of position. The Predators have now GIVEN AWAY three games in a row. As a fan, I'm sick of it. The main part that I'm sick of is that it's obviously not seeming to bother them at all if they keep allowing it to happen. Eventually, pride should take over and the team should will it's way to victory. It's time for a gut check in the locker room.

It's time to figure out what this team is made of. The finishing effort in the last three games has simply not been good enough. They come out firing and then just seem to put it in cruise control. That's simply not good enough. The Preds got out-shot 17 to 5 in the third period. There's a lack of emotion in the locker room after these types of losses. It's really infuriating when I see it. "We've gotten points in every game this year, but we haven't played that well,"said Barry Trotz. They definitely haven't finished well at all and it's time to start finishing well.

Points in October are every bit as important as points in March and April. They've given three away. ONE point can be the difference between a playoff spot and not making the playoffs at all. ONE point can mean the difference in a Central Division championship and finishing 5th or 6th in the conference. So far, three have just been tossed aside like they're irrelevant. It all comes down to the third period. The Predators have been awful in the third period the last three games.

These are home games. These are games you are supposed to win. Over the weekend, the Preds go to Dallas and Tampa Bay. Maybe a road trip is needed right now. In any case, it's time to get it together. It's time to show some emotion. It's time to get some passion and some emotion out of the players. It's time to play a full game of hockey.