Monday, October 4, 2010

My Hockey History

I thought I'd take some time today to give you guys a little bit of background information on me and how I became a hockey fan. For starters, I'm an 18 year old student at Middle Tennessee State University. I'm majoring in journalism and I hope to become a sports journalist one day.

My love for hockey began at a very young age. When I was a young kid, I loved to watch the "Mighty Ducks" movies. That is what really started my love for hockey. I thought that it was the coolest thing that I had ever seen. So, naturally, my first hockey game that I ever attended was the Anaheim Mighty Ducks vs. Nashville Predators in the Preds inagural season. I was five years old. Truth be told, I rooted for the Ducks in that game simply because I thought that the players on the ice were the players in the movie.

After I went to that game, my uncle started teaching me a little more about hockey. I gradually became a pretty big Predators fan at a young age. Jim Knott, my uncle, then got the Public Address job at the Preds games and I got to go to even more games. By the time I was 11 years old, I was an avid Preds fan. I remember the day the Preds clinched their first playoff birth. I remember the excellent fight they put up against the Wings in that series. Then came the lock-out. That was a really long year. The sport that I had grown to love was no longer being played and it was extremely irritating.

The following year, the NHL was back and with it came a new and exciting brand of hockey. More importantly, a new and improved Predators team came with it. The acquisition of Paul Kariya created a huge buzz around this town. The Preds went on to have very successful seasons the next two years, only to be eliminated in the first round both times at the hands of the San Jose Sharks.

I began sitting in section 303 during the 2007-2008 campaign, right in front of Codey Holland and Jeremy K. Gover of I've been sitting there ever since, and it's a great place to watch the game. Bridgestone Arena is a great environment if you're looking to have a good time. There's nothing like a Saturday night in Nashville when the Preds are playing.

There's my hockey history. What's yours? Tell us about your first Preds game. What was it like? What's been your most memorable experiences at the games?

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