Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dub's Quick Hits from 10/13

Players of the game...Wardo and Leggy. They didn’t take a shift off, even in the 2nd period when the rest of the team was soft. They hustled all night, and were really the only line that dictated play.

Biggest Letdown: Kevin Klein…again. He must have pictures of Trotzy committing inappropriate actions with goats--that's the only explanation that I have for how he stays in the lineup. He's slow, makes dumb decisions, doesn’t move his feet...and just sucks. I'd rather have Sulzer up.

Notes: Trotzy's gotta get the boys fired up, and I think he did so after the second. I have a feeling that it wasn't fun in the locker room after the lax 2nd period, as Peterson blasted them during the intermission interview for a lack of urgency and hustle. He also hit the nail on the head and said we were playing “safe”. I cant disagree there. Oh, and even though the GWG was on the man advantage, our PowerPlay is still anemic.

The Hat: Postgame, Wardo was rocking the team mandated Preds' Cowboy Hard Hat. My thought is that this might be an example of Weber's young, energetic leadership. I like it.

All in all, it was a great win against the defending champion Blackhawks. We're only two games in, but we're already showing fire and desire, and the ability to overcome adversity and adapt.
Now, we've gotta keep it rolling against the bloosers tonight.

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