Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Preds Re-sign Patric Hornqvist

The wait is finally over! The Nashville Predators re-signed Patric Hornqvist today to a 3 year deal worth $9.25 million. Hornqvist had 30 goals last year and I hope to see the same sort of production, if not more, from him.

If he continues to produce the way he did this year, or he improves, I think the money that will be paid to him is worth it. If he falls back and becomes a 10-15 goal scorer, then the Preds look a little bad.

Either way, I'm impressed with the Preds organization. The Preds have never been known for taking any risks whatsoever on a player. This shows an agressive side of the organization, which could end up paying big dividends this year.

Great day for Patric Hornqvist, and hopefully a great day for the Preds. Hockey Night in Nashville's predictions for the upcoming season will be coming soon. Phillip, myself, and Josh will all have their own respective posts for their predictions. It should be interesting to see how it goes!

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