Thursday, July 15, 2010

we'll miss you.......not

We all remember what a great season Dan Hamhuis had last year. His play last year was great especially when paired with Kevin Klein. Oh wasn't so great was it? As a matter of fact, Hamhuis was arguably the team's worst defenseman for the majority of last year. Although his play was less than satisfactory, most Pred fans still liked him and thought he was a good guy. Most importantly, we thought he enjoyed the city of Nashville, and respected our fans.

So what does he do as soon as he gets to Vancouver? He starts running his mouth. While attending Vancouver's "summer summit", which is like our "skate of the union," Hamhuis made a remark comparing the attendance at the "summit," which was around 8,000, is equivalent to "a Nashville home game in November." Yes I'm talking about Dan Hamhuis. The very same person who was put on the wrong end of a highlight reel regularly. The very same person that Predators fans were begging David Poile to trade.

Very classy Mr. Hamhuis. Very classy. So what do I have to say back to him? Nothing. Take your 27 million dollar deal that Vancouver gave you and enjoy it. One day when I make $27 million, I'll take it and throw it in the Cumberland river. Then, my investment will be "equivalent " to Vancouver's.


  1. We need a LIKE button!

    Their investment will soon be exposed as a poor choice. I just hope he steps in the way of a Weber missile. That'd make me chuckle a tad.

  2. He also said he was glad to be in a city where he wouldn't be anonymous on the street. I bet he rethinks that wish the first time he's on the street up there after his givaways cost them the game.

  3. Well said Darren. Well said.