Saturday, July 24, 2010

Solid Ownership

Preds Ownership Reaches Agreement To Acquire Shares Previously Held By Del Biaggio
Just wanted a make a quick note about the great ownership news this week. Contrary to what The Tennessean might report, this is nothing but awesome news for the Preds organization, and PredNation as a whole. For the first time in years, there is no controversy in our organization. Period. We're not leaving in the middle of the night to go to Hamilton, Winnipeg, or Kansas City. We're not going to have to hear about owners going to prison (hopefully). And we're not going to have to worry about salary dumping any time soon. What we DO have to worry about is getting butts in seats. 

Granted, most hockey markets do not have to have its fans sell tickets. Most hockey teams don't have to use their fans to serve as the major marketing wing for the franchise. But...WE do. We have to talk up Predators Hockey at work, school, church, and at home. We have to position it as THE entertainment thing to do downtown.

Much love to Cigarran, Freeman and crew for stepping up. Now we have to do our part. And an amazing on-ice product would be icing on the cake. Eff the Red Wings. LET'S GO PREDATORS!

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