Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All time Preds starting line-up

This is something that I think will be interesting to hear from everyone on. If you had to make a starting line-up out of any players that the Predators have had, what would it look like? I think it would also be better to base it on their play while they were (or are still) with the Predators, otherwise Peter Forsberg's name will be put in the line-up on every single list.

Here's my "All-Predators Starting line-up":

Left Wing: I'll have to go with Paul Kariya here. Kariya is arguably the greatest player in franchise history. The buzz that was created when the Preds signed him is almost unprecedented,(with the exception of Forsberg)and he was truly a great left winger while here. Kariya thrived, especially in the shootout and on the power play.

Center: Tough one here but I'm going to have to go with Greg Johnson. As a former captain of the Predators, Greg was a great leader and a pretty good player in his own right. He was named captain on Ocotber 2, 2002, and provided great leadership throughout his time in Nashville. He tallied 238 points during his time as a Predators from 1998-2006.

Right Wing: Scott Walker. Walker was a great player for the Preds and a fan favorite. He tallied 247 points for the Preds from 1998-2006. Walker also brought a physical presence to the game, which made him arguably the most complete player in franchise history.

Defense: Shea Weber. It's no secret that Weber has the hardest shot in the history of the Predators. Heck, he shot one through the net in the Olympics. THROUGH THE NET! His physical presence and offensive capability make him one of the best defenseman in the game today. He also has now been named Captain for the Preds, which is a testament to his leadership qualities on and off the ice.

Defense: Kimmo Timonen. Kimmo was a beloved figure here in Nashville, and at one time was the leading scorer in franchise history. Kimmo was here in Nashville from 1998-2006 (Common theme here huh?). He was great on the powerplay and he was also a Captain for the Preds.

Goalie: Tomas Vokoun. Vokoun holds nearly all of the goaltending records for the Preds. When on his top form, Vokoun was arguably the best goalie in the league on a nightly basis. He kept the one-time lowly Preds in games that they should've lost by 8 goals. He truly was a great player for our franchise. Vokoun was here from 1998-2007.

Coach: Wait for it.......Barry Trotz!


  1. Roberto, I'm going to disagree on two positions: Center and Right Wing.

    Greg Johnson, while he might have been a great guy, is NOT the best center in Preds history by far! IMO, that’s going to be one David Legwand. Love him or hate him, the man plays his role. Yes, we’d all like to see more goal output out of him…but his main role is to play smart, defensive hockey. He’s a playmaker offensively; he helps set people up. But you can’t go anywhere without a strong D game, and that’s where Leggy takes the crown.

    I’d pick one Steve Sullivan as the other wing. The man produces. Simply put. His leadership is felt on the ice and off. He can dish it and bury it. And, in his Preds prime, he didn’t take $hit off anybody.

  2. steve blows.. he was good up until he like 6 year layout from freakin back spasisms or whatever it was..

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