Saturday, July 31, 2010

Preds Rumor Mill

The latest rumor mill has the Preds looking at possibly signing Bill Guerin.

I've been an advocate of this for a couple of years now. This man would be EXPERIENCE at a low price. And he can still light the lamp 10-15 times a year, at least.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Solid Ownership

Preds Ownership Reaches Agreement To Acquire Shares Previously Held By Del Biaggio
Just wanted a make a quick note about the great ownership news this week. Contrary to what The Tennessean might report, this is nothing but awesome news for the Preds organization, and PredNation as a whole. For the first time in years, there is no controversy in our organization. Period. We're not leaving in the middle of the night to go to Hamilton, Winnipeg, or Kansas City. We're not going to have to hear about owners going to prison (hopefully). And we're not going to have to worry about salary dumping any time soon. What we DO have to worry about is getting butts in seats. 

Granted, most hockey markets do not have to have its fans sell tickets. Most hockey teams don't have to use their fans to serve as the major marketing wing for the franchise. But...WE do. We have to talk up Predators Hockey at work, school, church, and at home. We have to position it as THE entertainment thing to do downtown.

Much love to Cigarran, Freeman and crew for stepping up. Now we have to do our part. And an amazing on-ice product would be icing on the cake. Eff the Red Wings. LET'S GO PREDATORS!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All time Preds starting line-up

This is something that I think will be interesting to hear from everyone on. If you had to make a starting line-up out of any players that the Predators have had, what would it look like? I think it would also be better to base it on their play while they were (or are still) with the Predators, otherwise Peter Forsberg's name will be put in the line-up on every single list.

Here's my "All-Predators Starting line-up":

Left Wing: I'll have to go with Paul Kariya here. Kariya is arguably the greatest player in franchise history. The buzz that was created when the Preds signed him is almost unprecedented,(with the exception of Forsberg)and he was truly a great left winger while here. Kariya thrived, especially in the shootout and on the power play.

Center: Tough one here but I'm going to have to go with Greg Johnson. As a former captain of the Predators, Greg was a great leader and a pretty good player in his own right. He was named captain on Ocotber 2, 2002, and provided great leadership throughout his time in Nashville. He tallied 238 points during his time as a Predators from 1998-2006.

Right Wing: Scott Walker. Walker was a great player for the Preds and a fan favorite. He tallied 247 points for the Preds from 1998-2006. Walker also brought a physical presence to the game, which made him arguably the most complete player in franchise history.

Defense: Shea Weber. It's no secret that Weber has the hardest shot in the history of the Predators. Heck, he shot one through the net in the Olympics. THROUGH THE NET! His physical presence and offensive capability make him one of the best defenseman in the game today. He also has now been named Captain for the Preds, which is a testament to his leadership qualities on and off the ice.

Defense: Kimmo Timonen. Kimmo was a beloved figure here in Nashville, and at one time was the leading scorer in franchise history. Kimmo was here in Nashville from 1998-2006 (Common theme here huh?). He was great on the powerplay and he was also a Captain for the Preds.

Goalie: Tomas Vokoun. Vokoun holds nearly all of the goaltending records for the Preds. When on his top form, Vokoun was arguably the best goalie in the league on a nightly basis. He kept the one-time lowly Preds in games that they should've lost by 8 goals. He truly was a great player for our franchise. Vokoun was here from 1998-2007.

Coach: Wait for it.......Barry Trotz!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

we'll miss you.......not

We all remember what a great season Dan Hamhuis had last year. His play last year was great especially when paired with Kevin Klein. Oh wasn't so great was it? As a matter of fact, Hamhuis was arguably the team's worst defenseman for the majority of last year. Although his play was less than satisfactory, most Pred fans still liked him and thought he was a good guy. Most importantly, we thought he enjoyed the city of Nashville, and respected our fans.

So what does he do as soon as he gets to Vancouver? He starts running his mouth. While attending Vancouver's "summer summit", which is like our "skate of the union," Hamhuis made a remark comparing the attendance at the "summit," which was around 8,000, is equivalent to "a Nashville home game in November." Yes I'm talking about Dan Hamhuis. The very same person who was put on the wrong end of a highlight reel regularly. The very same person that Predators fans were begging David Poile to trade.

Very classy Mr. Hamhuis. Very classy. So what do I have to say back to him? Nothing. Take your 27 million dollar deal that Vancouver gave you and enjoy it. One day when I make $27 million, I'll take it and throw it in the Cumberland river. Then, my investment will be "equivalent " to Vancouver's.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Younguns

 I believe that this is THE YEAR that we will be able to see the caliber of players that the Preds have down in Milwaukee. Admittedly, there aren’t too many spots that we need to fill; however the 3 or 4 open slots are of the utmost importance.

1) DMan: We all know about the 6th DMan hole that we need to fill. I predict, as most people do, that Jon Blum will claim the spot early on in camp. The first injury call up will be Ryan Ellis…after he bulks up a bit. He’ll be running our PP in the next 2 years.

2) Goalie: From what I see here, we have a 3 man race on this one; Mark Dekanich, Anders Linback, and Chet Pickard. Dekanich has probably got this one in the bag out of camp. He’s worked with Mitch Korn the longest, and since “the road to the Preds goes through the MIL”, the backup spot is his. First call up when he struggles: Linback, aka Peks Jr. Honorable mention: Jeremy Smith. He looked promising a couple years ago, but the numbers game has gotten him.

3) Winger: Too close to call with too many options to really predict this one. We all know Blake Geoffrion will get a call up in the first month of the season, but I don’t see him making the team out of camp. It’s just not Trotz hockey. I think ole Barry will go for a Santorelli brother, or Jonas Andersson. I’m really looking for a surprise here, honestly. From camp reports, Ryan Thang has stepped his game up…maybe Thang can Hang!

We’ve got a ton of reasons to be excited about this year. I think the boys have got a chip on their shoulders; and when Barry’s Bunch is pissed, good things happen!

Offseason recap

By most accounts, the Nashville Predators organization has had a pretty good offseason so far. It's been a very active and surprising offseason to say the least. Dan Hamhuis and Dan Ellis were both traded as expected, but Jason Arnott's trade to the New Jersey Devils came as a shock. As free agency began to inch closer and closer, nobody really expected the preds to pick up a legitimate scoring forward. Suddenly, Matthew Lombardi arrives in music city. And to top it all off, Arnott's vacated captaincy was filled by none other than Shea Weber. Not to mention the signing of former Montreal forward Sergei Kostitsyn.

So what does this mean for the Preds this upcoming season? I think it means significant improvement. The Western conference, and especially the Central division, is going to be wide open this year. Every team in the division, with the exception of the Blue Jackets, has a legitimate chance of not only making the playoffs, but winning the division. The Blackhawks team has been largely dismantled as of now after winning the cup. Detroit is still Detroit and will be in the thick of things until the end. The Blues have had a very successful offseason. And the Predators have put themselves in a good position going into this season, and will hopefully get Hornqvist re-signed soon.

This season will be difficult to predict,but Pred fans should salute David Poile and the great decisions that he and our organization have made this offseason.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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